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Spinal Cord Injury Survivors Struggle After Leaving Hospital

A woman fell asleep driving an 18-wheel diesel truck down the freeway and crashed into Mark Aceves’ pick-up. The collision broke Aceves’ back. He woke up in a hospital…

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AZ International Marketplace

AZ International Marketplace commercial with Take 220 productions. I did captioning.

COIT Scholarship

Emergency Stain Removal Graphic Design Contest WINNER

This was my (winning) graphic design submission for the $2000 COIT Cleaning and Restoration Service Scholarship.


Leeden Wheelchair Lift & Sport

When Robert Reed’s teammate broke his wheelchair during basketball practice, the timing couldn’t have been worse. “We had to go to the tournament the next day,” said Reed,…


Invisible Disabilities: Real or Imagined?

In the “Breaking Bad” spin-off “Better Call Saul”, a brilliant lawyer named Chuck refuses to leave his house due to his sensitivity to electricity. Saul takes care of…


2015 Spirit of Ability Awards

The name has changed, but the values remain. The 15th annual Spirit of Ability Awards kicked off this evening under not ABIL, but Ability360. [read more]


Arizona Voting Debacle for People With Disabilities

Voting day in Arizona did not go as expected and many voiced their concerns regarding the state’s capability to handle one of America’s most valued rights. Arizona’s limited…


2016 Family Hockey Night

At Ability360’s Family Hockey Night, the court was nothing but controlled chaos. High energy songs thumped from nearby speakers. The air was filled with squeals and the clack…

Jamie Barnes

Jamie Barnes | Audio Slideshow

Jamie Barnes is not an Oreo. She is not “the whitest black girl.” She is an ASU junior and the president of the African American Journalists Association. She…


Mexico spared major damage by giant storm Hurricane Patricia

MEXICO CITY – When a hurricane is so strong that measurements go beyond the Saffir-Simson scale, the potential for catastrophe goes beyond reasonable imagination. So when the largest-ever…