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2017 Desert Open Wheelchair Tennis Tournament

A video about wheelchair tennis recorded entirely on my iPhone 6.

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Day on the Lake 2017

A recap of Ability360 and Barrow Neurological Center’s annual event on Barrett Lake!

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Phoenix Zoo

We spent a day at the Phoenix Zoo and took a closer look at accessibility for volunteers and guests with disabilities.

Photo courtesy of: Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

5 Kentucky Derby Parties You Won’t Want to Miss

The 143rd annual Kentucky Derby takes place May 6, and party goers in Scottsdale and Phoenix have their calendars marked for the occasion. The Kentucky Derby is much…


From Syria to America: The Magic of Noah Abraham

A small group of Syrians prepared to illegally cross the Turkish border in broad daylight. They had attempted to cross the night before, but gunfire forced them to…

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Kirk O’Hara Art With a Side of Smartmouth

  Kirk O’Hara has arthrogryposis, a non-hereditary birth defect that has affected his joints since birth. Although he could use his hands to make art when he was…


Kirk O’Hara: An Inside Look at Paintmouth

There was always something in his mouth. If it wasn’t a paint brush, it was a wooden pipe. If it wasn’t a wooden pipe, it was a punchline….

Courtesy of The Phonecian

5 Scottsdale Tea Experiences You Need to Know About

Whether you’ve just been introduced to tea or just want to take a break from coffee beans, here are five places in the Valley ranging from the traditional…


RED Brunch 2016

Walgreens presents the fifth annual RED Brunch, the signature fundraising gala of Aunt Rita’s Foundation, Dec. 10 at the Sheraton Downtown Phoenix Hotel. Proceeds from the events will be equally…


A Better Way to Play

It’s one of those crisp Sunday mornings. The Beaubiens arrive at a park, the nearby lake winking at them with sunlight. John Beaubien, a graphic design and marketing…