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Ability360 | AZNon-profit dedicated to helping people with disabilities live independently

4Invisible Disabilities: Real or Imagined?

In the “Breaking Bad” spin-off “Better Call Saul,” a brilliant lawyer named Chuck refuses to leave his house due to his sensitivity to electricity. Saul takes care of Chuck while others write him off as eccentric. Hollywood isn’t known for accurate portrayals of well, anything, and disabilities are no exception. What rings true is the skepticism that surrounds Chuck’s electrical sensitivity, because his disability is invisible. [read more]

5Leeden Wheelchair Lift and Sport

Ramsdell’s 23 years of experience has turned him into a winning combination of tailor and mechanic. Give him five minutes to change a tire and he’ll have it done in four. Give him a heads up that a chair needs to be adjusted and he’ll show up on the sidelines. But if given the choice between fame and sliding under the radar, he would choose the latter every time. [read more]



Arizona Voting Debacle for People With Disabilities

Many voters with disabilities experienced access issues,and some were unable to vote due to unaccommodating polling stations with long lines, barriers blocking doors and hallways, and lack of information. [read more]



2016 Family Hockey Night

For Tessa Ringo, member of Ability360 for three years and an avid Coyotes fan, Family Hockey Night gives her the opportunity to see her team and thank them. “We’re just so happy for the opportunity to just play.” She said that this experience will help her son, Aidan, “strive to be better, and stronger and work harder.” [read more]



2015 Spirit of Ability Awards

The name has changed, but the values remain. The 15th annual Spirit of Ability Awards kicked off this evening under not ABIL, but Ability360. But fear not, longtime ABIL supporters: Though given a new title, the organization’s core principles and the people who embody them shine through. [read more]


The Global Panorama | UK | international news organization


NYPL Releases More than 180,000 images in Public Domain

Once on the page, one is greeted by what looks like a mosaic of tiny tiles. Hovering over a tile will project a bigger image: a diagram of a Victorian corset shop, the menu of an 18th century café, or Japanese calligraphy in fading ink. Nothing seems to be off limits in terms of content, and each image is saturated in its own flavor of style, spiced with distinct importance in history. [read more]



Mexico spared major damage by giant storm Hurricane Patricia

When a hurricane is so strong that measurements go beyond the Saffir-Simson scale, the potential for catastrophe goes beyond reasonable imagination. So when the largest-ever hurricane made landfall and settled into a dangerous-yet-manageable Category 2 storm, it left more than a few residents with sighs of relief and time to reflect. [read more]



The internet drug lord: Silk Road creator sentenced to life

Silk Road, established in February 2011, was a platform in which users could buy and sell drugs online. It was an eBay for ecstasy, an Amazon for amphetamines, and a bazaar that used Bitcoin; an online currency praised for its decentralized nature. [read more]




L’Oreal backs project to 3D print skin

Speed and precision are what Guive Balooch, the global vice president of L’Oreal’s technology incubator, wants from the project. He aims for improvements on the production and composition of skin not only for the cosmetics industry, but for the skin engineering field as a whole. [read more]



Apple unveils diverse emojis with iOS 8.3

There are two types of dragons, three generations of a white family, nine cats, moons with faces on them and one famous anthropomorphic piece of poop, but there are currently no emojis that represent someone of African descent. That, however, may change once Apple rolls out its new iOS 8.3 update. [read more]